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Vehicle Transport and Car Shipping Checklist from Auto Transporters Direct

    1. Make note of any damage. It can't hurt to take a few quick photos         of your vehicle and any existing damage.     2. Turn off all alarm systems in and on your vehicle.     3. Remove your personal belongings and any decorative items         that are removable (i.e. spoiler, mirrors, fog lights).     4. Secure all of the items that you will be leaving in the car.     5. Lower or remove antennas from your vehicle completely.     6. Make a detailed list of all secured items you have on and in your                   vehicle so that you can quickly check your list upon pick-up.     7. Remember to clean out your vehicle as carefully as possible.     8. Avoid using your vehicle as a moving container.         (i.e. packing it with household items, is  not permitted).     9. If your car is in working condition*, be sure that there is adequate           antifreeze and gas, and that your battery is properly charged.  
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